Who are we?

Chant Now
Did you really think we are this body?
Honey, we are beyond this ideology.
Did you think we can be truly happy,
By satisfying senses which are only temporary?
Yet we still try, again and again
To get drunk or high until the end.
But how much longer will it take us to see
This is not the way our lives are meant to be…
True happiness comes from the soul within.
The realization starts there, and thus our journey begins.
We are not this body, which will grow old and die,
We are the soul which never dies and is never born at any time.
The soul migrates from body to body,
Unable to escape this material energy.
Birth, disease, old age and then we die,
We come here to suffer until we realize…
Our souls aren’t made for fake happiness, you see,
We’re searching for a higher taste that lasts eternally.
When we find it, we can break out of this vicious cycle,
And return to God, where happiness is insurmountable.

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