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What’s inside:

– Exploring Life’s Complexities and spiritual solutions.

– Searching for Purpose:
Find your place and purpose in this complex modern environment.
– Gain a better understanding of your individual situation from the Vedic bhakti yoga perspective.

– Contemplation and Adventure
The importance of reflection and contemplation in finding potential pathways to an exciting and fulfilling life journey.

– The Zealous Life:
The ultimate goal – living a life filled with enthusiasm, passion, and purpose based on spiritual principals and the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra.

– Inspiration and Exploration:
Be inspired by the upcoming discussion, which aims to provide insights into how to embark on this adventurous spiritual quest.

– Dreaming Big:
The session will touch on the dreams and aspirations that we often have but may not know how to bring to fruition.

– Engagement and Interaction:
Participate and share your thoughts and questions during the session to make it an interactive experience.

Today’s environment in which we live has become a very complex structure that is not always supportive for finding our place and purpose. In this session we will explore some concepts that help us to understand better our individual situation and contemplate on the possible tweaks that can propel us into an exciting adventure. The zealous life that we’ve been all dreaming about.

Live online session of 60 minutes. Event will finish with time for Q&A.

Connect with a small assembly of like-minded individuals and discover the adventure of living!

Event details

Saturday, 30th September

7:30 pm (IST) in India
10:00 am in Eastern Time (EDT) in the USA
7:00 am in Pacific Time (PDT) in the USA
3:00 pm in the UK
4:00 pm in Central European Time (CET)s

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