Sraddhavan Enrollment

Sraddhavan is the first of the Bhakti Steps levels, but it is a momentous step in your spiritual life. This step indicates you have reached a level of internal faith that motivates you to pursue bhakti in a systematic way. To enter this level there are some minimal standards and requirements listed below: 


  • 1 round of Mahamantra japa every day (preferably in the mornings). 


  • Self-knowledge – the spiritual soul 
  • 7 day Chanting Workshop  


  • Reading Bhakti literature. 
  • “Journey to Self-Knowledge” 
  • Viewing: 
  • “Hare Krishna, the mantra, the movement and the Swami who started it all”.  


  • Attend at least 4 Explorer group meetings 
  • Enroll in a Sraddhavan Group 


  • Enroll as a Chant Now Seva Member with a contribution. You may also obtain Seva Membership through the Seva Points system  


  • Have at least one personal coaching session with your chosen coach 

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