Gaura Sadhaka Enrollment

As you progress in Bhakti Yoga you will come to a point where you are ready to fully dedicate yourself to the path of Krishna consciousness and the core sadhana (practices) recommended for all committed sadhakas.  


  • At least 8 rounds of japa mala every day (Preferably in the mornings). 

Sankalpa (Committment)

  • Santosa: no gambling 
  • Eating only food first offered to Krishna 
  • Observance of the ekadasi vow 


  • The Bhagavad Gita As It Is  
  • The Science of Self-Realization 
  • Nectar of Instruction 


  • Bhagavad Gita – Directed Reading 
  • Sadhana course 
  • Growing Bhakti Course 


  • Attend at least 4 Gaura Sevak meetings 
  • Enroll in a Gaura Sadhak Group 


  • Set up a home altar 
  • Learn how to perform a basic arati ritual and incorporate this into your daily practice 
  • Learn the prayers and songs used for offering food, and performing other rituals 
  • [All of this is taught in the Sadhana course] 


  • Increase volunteer service with guidance from your Bhakti Steps coach 

Do you agree to the practice of the above mentioned Sankalpa (Commitments)?