Diksa Adhikara Enrollment

To complete one’s entrance into the lifetime of bhakti yoga, one requires a formal link to the sampradaya and to come under the full shelter of an advanced devotee by accepting diksa (Vaishnava initiation) along with the vows of a disciple. The beginning of this process is to prepare yourself for initiation by going deeply into the philosophy and principles of guru disciple relationships. This then prepares you to identify a devotee with whom you desire such an eternal spiritual relationship and begin the process of developing that relationship. 

The Bhakti steps program Includes courses and personal coaching to help you reach the level of being qualified for receiving initiation once you have established your chosen guru relationship. 

After this it is is a highly personal process and may take many months or even many years until you feel you’ve come to the confidence of accepting another devotee as your Initiating guru. 

The core requirement to enter this level is to have practiced at the level of Srila Prabhupada Asraya for at least 6 months. Other requirements are: 


  • ISKCON Guru Disciple Course 


  • Pass the Diksa Adhikara Examination 
  • Receive recommendation letter from the relevant ISKCON authority 

Completing this level is not initiation itself but simply the prerequisite qualifications for accepting initiation in ISKCON.  

What’s Next? 

Completing the Bhakti step program is a major milestone in becoming a bhakti yogi and achieving full spiritual perfection in this life. However, in many ways it is just a beginning. In the program you will learn about the various stages of advancement in bhakti and realize that it is a lifetime effort. 

To support you once you have completed this program, Chant Now has ongoing courses, sanga groups, and personal coaching. In addition, as part of your development in service, you can learn how to become a spiritual leader in the Chant Now team yourself and help others obtain the gifts of bhakti that you have received. 

For some who complete the Bhakti steps program, the next phase will be to enter into a relationship with a devotee who will eventually become their diksha guru, while others may choose to go more gradually. In either case, Chant Now is there to support you, especially in your japa practice.  

We hope you are inspired by the opportunity for spiritual development that this program provides and look forward to serving you. 

Have you completed ISKCON Guru Disciple Course ?
Have you passed Diksa Adhikara Examination?
Have you received recommendation letter from your ISKCON authority?