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When it comes to meditation with the Hare Krishna mantra, guidance is essential! As a Seva member, you have unlimited access to our coaches. Take advantage! Here, we'll get to know you and help you with the particular challenges you are facing.

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The 7 day workshop provides a jumpstart to chanting and Bhakti Yoga. It’s one of our first and most popular courses. As a Seva member you have access to all of our courses on offer! Dive deep in your Hare Krishna mantra meditation and bhakti yoga.


You are not an ordinary member of this Chant Now global community! As a Seva member you have constant access to our coaches, as well as all our available courses. We excited to help you live a happy, healthy and truly fulfilling life. As a Seva member, we are honored to take you deeper into the beauty of bhakti yoga and meditation with the maha-mantra.

Seva members are truly committed to manifesting the best version of themselves! Whether you are looking to relieve anxiety, build greater self-awareness, improve relationships or looking to meditate, discuss philosophy or maybe even go beyond the mundane in search of deeper spiritual experiences, you’ll find your tribe here.

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The welcome group is exactly what it sounds like. It has everything a new member needs to get oriented. See how things work, discover what’s going on, meet other members and start participating.

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Please complete the profile questions and customize your page as you like. Knowing more about you will help us serve you better on your spiritual path.

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We’ve put together several resources for practitioners of all levels. Whether you are just beginning to explore this path or have some experience, you’ll find something of value.

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There’s always a lot going on at Chant Now. Special webinars, workshops, guest speakers, podcasts etc. Take a quick look at what’s lined up for the coming month.