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With the Chant Now community you can

  • Discover who you really are and transcend who you are not
  • Live a life full of meaning and a deep sense of purpose
  • Rise above the mundane and elevate your consciousness
  • Create lifelong friendships based on shared values and goals
  • Access deep inner confidence, peace and satisfaction
  • Be guided by an eternal, loving, divine wisdom every step of the way

Real People, Real Relationships

Chant Now gives you not just content and information but a place to start building real connections that lead to real transformation. Learn from masters who have walked the path and find support from fellow seekers who are on the journey, just like you.

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    Personal on-on-one guidance to overcome any challenges and unlock your highest potential.

  • 7 Day Chanting Workshop

    A great introduction to chanting. Explore the profound power of the maha-mantra in just 10 minutes per day

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    Get invited to special webinars we conduct from time to time to deep dive and address specific issues as requested by our members.

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    Get access to all the amazing resources we’ve put together to help you manage your life and your sadhana and live your best life.