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Let's Get You Started

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the first step of being part of this wonderful spiritual community by becoming a member and logging in.  Now let’s show you around so you can take full advantage of all the support for your spiritual life offered by Chant Now. Here’s a check list:
  • Watch the orientation video below
  • Schedule your first free coaching session
  • Choose your weekly group
  • Start your free courses
  • Complete your personal profile

1. Watch the orientation video

2. Schedule Your first coaching session

As a new member of our community we want to welcome you with a free coaching session from one of our experienced bhakti yogis, Please choose your coach below and click to schedule your first session

3. Choose your weekly group

Our weekly groups are a most important part of exploring bhakti yoga. Each group consists of people like you who have a deep interest in growing spiritually. Each week our groups meet to hear about different aspects of the bhakti path from the group facilitator and share in an open discussion.

Currently we have separate groups meeting on three different days in the week. Please click the group of your choice below to join the group and get started with this vital spiritual support program. 

4. Start your first courses

We have prepared several introductory courses for you to get started with. You can click below to enroll in any of these.  This will take you out of this Orientation page. To return just click the back arrow to come back to this page. You’ll also find the link to this page in your navigation panel on the left.

Chant Now - Courses
4 Lessons

El viaje hacia el autoconocimiento

Es un gran placer introducir este curso, un viaje verdaderamente divino hacia el auto-conocimiento. Este no es un viaje común,…

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