7 Day Workshop

Get started with mantra meditation. Explore the profound power of the maha-mantra in 3 minutes per lesson.

Chant Now Team · March 15, 2022

Getting started with Mantra Meditation

Explore the profound power of the maha-mantra in just 10 minutes per day

Each day you watch a short 3-4 minute video lesson and then practice a short meditation session with the maha-mantra. A daily email helps you easily link to the day’s lesson.

You also get access to our community forums where experienced chanters are ready to support you as you explore meditation with the maha-mantra.

This course is free to everyone. To access the course all you need to do is just join our community by clicking below. You’ll have the option to join for free or become a Seva Member and get access to all our courses and more.

What you get

  • A proven practice to tap into unlimited happiness
  • Meditation practices for beginners
  • Transformation of consciousness
  • Techniques for relieving stress, anxiety and negative emotions
  • Experience benefits of meditation

What you learn

  • What is a true Mantra
  • Secrets of your spiritual identity
  • Practical meditation tips
  • Profound power of the maha-mantra
  • The yoga of sound

About Instructor

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons