Growing Bhakti

URUGAYA · November 29, 2023

This course is designed for those who have begun chanting regularly, taken our introductory courses and are ready to begin taking their practice to the next level – growing bhakti.

Over the 12 weeks of the course, you will learn more about devotional practice, Vaishnava culture, philosophy, and the science of bhakti.


  • Small class groups of 8-12 members 
  • Weekly live meetings online 
  • Pre-recorded topic-based presentations with additional reading material. Each student will study the week’s topics, then meet as a group, present, and discuss that week’s topic, in an informal and non-judgmental environment. Groups are meant to facilitate developing relationships and interactions among its members. 
  • The course provides a space for people to explore the path of bhakti, sharing thoughts and realizations, expressing doubts, asking questions, and finding inspiration and support on the spiritual path. 

What you’ll learn  

Topics will cover three areas of focus and effort: 

i. Devotional (bhakti) practice

ii. Vaishnava culture (the culture of our specific bhakti tradition)

iii. Bhakti philosophy and science. 

Topics include: 

  • What is bhakti?  
  • Karma, Jnana, Yoga 
  • Sambandha (relationship), abhidheya (process), Prayojana (goal) 
  • Sampradaya (Guru lineages) 
  • Pramana (Veda as authority)  
  • The mind, karma, reincarnation.  
  • The Divine Couple (Radha Krishna) 
  • Divisions of the spiritual reality – Going beyond Vaikuntha.  
  • Yuga dharma (Harinama Sankirtana) 
  • Sadhu–sanga. 
  • Archana (worship) 
  • Offering bhoga – Prasadam  
  • Svadyaya – self study    


The course will open for enrollment on Sunday, 25 February and the first live class with instructor Urugaya das, will be held a month later on Sunday, 24th March 2024 and each week thereafter for 11 weeks.

Prerequisites for entry to the Course:

  • One should be a Seva Member and
  • One must have completed all the 3 introductory courses – the 7 Day Workshop, Mantra Meditation Wisdom & Practice and Your Chanting Sadhana.

Meeting Structure

Check-in: 10 minutes  

Reading & discussion: 70 minutes  

Check-out: 10 minutes  


To honor fellow group members, we ask that only those who can attend at least 75% of the meetings join the group. At the first group meeting we will read out loud and sign) an agreement form.

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