Growing Bhakti

This course is designed for those who have begun chanting regularly, taken our introductory courses and are ready to begin taking their practice to the…

Japa Course – The Basics

In this course we will embark on a journey to go deeper into the mantra meditation practice called japa, exploring the meaning of the maha-mantra…

Bhagavad-Gita: A Directed Reading Guide.

Welcome to our comprehensive Bhagavad-gita reading course and study guide. We have meticulously designed this program to enhance your journey through each chapter of this…

Your Chanting Sadhana

Your next step on the bhakti path. It is particularly meant for those who already have some grounding in the foundational concepts of bhakti yoga.

7 Day Workshop

Get started with mantra meditation. Explore the profound power of the maha-mantra in 3 minutes per lesson.