Growing Bhakti Community Group Agreement

Community groups are intentional spaces for people to pursue authentic relationships and spiritual growth with others who are new to the bhakti path.


Group members are responsible for attending a minimum of 75% of the group meetings. Group members honor fellow participants and their own spiritual discipline by arriving on time, staying for the entire duration, and seeing the group through the end date.


Group members are conscious of keeping the discussion focused on spirituality. Group members feel free to share their thoughts and realizations and to express doubts and ask questions.


While reading The Journey Within and learning bhakti’s essential teachings is a key element, groups are first and foremost designed to facilitate sangha, or connections centered on spiritual truth, which are integral to spiritual growth.


The group atmosphere is meant to foster openness and honesty amongst members. This is an environment where people can feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable and transparent without being judged.


Group members trust that anything personal discussed within the group will not be shared outside the group.


Group members should never interrupt, comment on, or give advice (unless directly requested) to another group member. Group members are mindful of how long they talk and do not dominate the discussion so that everyone has a chance to be heard and seen.


Group members offer one another inspiration on the spiritual path, sharing in the joys of realizations and providing encouragement through the struggles.

The group will meet weekly from ___________

The group meeting will begin prompt at ________ and end  ________ EST

The group meeting will typically consist of checking-in (10 min), reading & discussing (70 min) and checking-out (10 min)

This group will be a closed group with no new members after the second meeting.