The Art Of Chanting:
Wisdom and Practice

Experience the profound power
of Hare Krishna maha-mantra  
sound meditation in our powerful
live event
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Course Facilitator
Urugaya Das

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Experience the transformative power of mantra meditation in just 60 minutes.
Join us for a live online session, starting with an introductory Hare Krishna mantra meditation, followed by an exploration of the science and spiritual wisdom behind this ancient practice.
Connect with a small assembly of like-minded individuals and discover how you can cultivate inner peace and clarity, no matter how busy your life is.
Next gathering is:

Sunday, 23rd April

7:30 pm (IST) in India 
10:00 am in Eastern Time (EDT) in the USA
7:00 am in Pacific Time (PDT) in the USA
2:00 pm in the UK
3:00 pm in Central European Time (CET)

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